Here is what is included in the Grant Guide

– Frequently asked questions about Grants

– How do you find Grants

– What you will need to apply for Grants

– Examples of cover letters, summaries, and problem statements

– Budget and budget examples

– LOI (Letter of Inquiry) and more..


Frequently Asked Questions

about Grants

Looking for grants and applying for them can be intimidating. Our agency is here to make the process easier for your company. We all know money is out there, so allow us to work with you to assist you in securing those funds. 

What is a Grant?

Grants are money or products that do not have to be repaid back. It is paid out or gifted by individual(s) also known as grantors.


What will I need to apply for a Grant?

Different funders will require different information, depending on the type of grant you are applying for.

Why are Grants so Important?

There are a lot of grants that help schools, churches and other nonprofits to improve their facilities.

Difference between Donations and Grants?

Donations and grants can both be given in forms of money, services and goods, however they are not alike.

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